Plenty of customer feedback commends their process, making H&M one of the most preferred companies in residential contracting.

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Welcome to H & M Construction

We serve the Monterey Peninsula with superior knowledge and experience to supply our clients with all of their construction needs. H&M Construction is based in Pacific Grove, California. Specializing in remodels, additions, new homes, equestrian centers, custom cabinetry and much more. The H&M Construction team currently consists of eight people. Each person associated with H&M has a broad background in construction and/or architecture. 



Kevin Harrod has worked in construction for over twenty years. He comes from a family of builders, which helped him to learn the trade at an early age. After working on tract homes for many years he ventured into custom building on the Monterey Peninsula. Kevin started H&M Construction in 2002. He acquired his Contractors License while working for a long-time Peninsula custom home Builder, Lance Shope. After working with Mr. Shope for eight years, Kevin started his own company. H&M Construction is now moving full speed ahead with a variety of new projects and endeavors.


H&M Construction helped us complete our remodel project — the way we wanted. Trust us when we tell you that they know what they are doing. We hired the people that didn’t listen to what we wanted and in no short time we grew agitated by constantly being told, ‘No… I don’t really know how to do that. No, you really don’t want that type of hardware.’ After growing frustrated we brought in H&M and asked them to take a look at the project.

Barrie & Christina Riddoch

Thank you so much for your recent remodel of our main bathroom. As you know this is a home the Sbrana family built back in 1939. It’s part of our family still and we asked you to remodel the main bathroom, of which there are three altogether, keep the décor of its original color and basic design, and yet improve and enlarge the shower, move the toilet, put in all new fixtures and still keep close to what it looked like, tile colors and all, when originally built and I’m pleased to say you did that!

Bill & Marlene Ramsey Jeff Ramsey & Rebecca Sturvist

H&M Construction did an outstanding job on all the projects our house required. Our new garage, driveway, French doors, deck and shutters all turned out fantastic. They were extremely professional and all work was done on time and on budget. I recommend them highly.

Greg Poletti